Build a Learning Management System with LifterLMS

In this free course, you will discover how LifterLMS empowers you to easily create, sell and protect engaging online courses.

If you’re serious about your online course, LMS or membership project, be sure to become a LifterLMS Pro Member so you can get priority private support, some graphic design assets (achievement badge packs & certificate backgrounds), and access to special discounts and promotions that only LifterLMS Pro Members can take advantage of.

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Estimated Time: 2 Days

Difficulty: Beginner

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Chris BadgettChris Badgett

Chris Badgett is a passionate family man who loves learning, travel, and exploring the wild places





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187 thoughts on “Build a Learning Management System with LifterLMS”

  1. Adrian says:


    I installed your plugin and activate, but when I looked to my website, I couldn’t see pages created. My website still has classic WordPress look.

    Is any other setting to be done after I activate your plugin?

    I’m not very experienced with WordPress, so, please apologies for my dummy question.

    Thank you

    1. Chris Badgett says:

      Hi Adrian,

      Good to hear from you! Perhaps you still need to go through the quick setup wizard:

  2. Jerry Jones says:

    1) Would this plugin work for a small family reunion? (Approx 100 people). There will be a few variables in registration – type of housing desired, number of people in family, etc.

    2) Is it possible to change text? For example, where “Lesson xx” would usually be, can we change that to “housing option xx,” etc.

    3) Finally, is it possible to create a registration form in Excel and then upload it to this plugin? Thanks much for your kind attention. I love what I am learning about LifterLMS.

    1. Chris Badgett says:

      Hey Jerry,

      It’s great to hear from you!

      LifterLMS is more of an online education platform. It’s not really a family reunion management system.

      If you are doing an event like that you might check out:

      Please let us know if you have further q’s.


  3. forcesofwealth says:

    Hi Chris,

    I left off at How to Use Section but I can’t access the course. It keeps redirecting me to this link

    What am I doing wrong here?

    1. Chris Badgett says:

      Make sure you’re logged in here:

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